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Art to be collected for life

   In the garden of my memories something comes to my mind: long ago I saw a big eagle in the Chamonix Zoo. After staring at the sky he tried to jump away opening his big wings but hit against the cage and fell down. Many times we are the same: we crave for light and space, we try to jump away and we hit against the walls of our human cage made of formalities and material values ...We wish we could fly. Roberto Cassella has turned his desire to fly, to open his wings and fly beyond, into a sculpture. While respecting the artistic rules Roberto Cassella expresses his naif point of view. Goodhearted as he is, he dedicates part of his work to charity. Cassella's eagle is a synphony of curves that ideally touches the matter as if the were born from it. These curves express the waving movement of vibrating wings. The jump, the tension of opening wings and the top, almost a head, almost a dream that we can see just like we perceive ourselves.... The simple shape gives free interpretation and enables everyone to characterize it with personal dreams. This is art!

Gabriele Mandel


Cost of the work: Euro 320,20
Extra charge in case o shipment abroad: Euro: 26,00


Once expenses have been deducted, 15% of the total amount wil be given for charity.
This year the amount for charity will be given to "Istituto Nazionale per lo studio e la Cura dei Tumori, unità operativa di Oncologia Pediatrica di Via Venezian, 1" in Milano

For information:
Roberto Cassella, Via Nicola Palmieri, 23
20141 - Milano ITALY
Tel. (+39) 3388458572

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Roberto Cassella

Work made of bronze by Roberto Cassella in 1999.
The base is made ofprecious marble; the work is cm16x14x14 (foot included).


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tappeti OIT kilim
tappeti OIT kilim

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