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totemic maternity
bronze: only two exemplars
cm 67x31x28
Private collections:
Bruno Galuzzi
Piero Caruso
Gabriele Mandel

«He felt in a genuine and direct way the urgency of recovering our "urgent naturalness" in this world that concluded in a distorting way the path of one of the most complete and prestigious human cultures».

     The long path of Arts begins from the immediate and from the symbol. Even before being a collector of images, the progenitor was a collector of magic words wbich his fear and his inadequateness fed with signs and amulets.
In this way primitivism brings us back to those far-off origins of human Civilization, that are still present in the magic child, when, at the age of three or four, he prepares to experimerit the many developmental possibilities for his insertion in the culture of his age.
Here is Roberto Cassella, painter and sculptor who witnesses these origins and the survival of a magic child in each of us even when we are adults. He carried out his path that has led him from figurative experiences to symbolic experiences (after all, wouldn't it be better to call the whole so-called "abstract arts" in this way?). He felt in a genuine and direct way the urgency of recovering our "urgent naturalness" in this world that concluded in a distorting way the path of one of the most complete and prestigious human cultures.
That is something more.. it is the explanation of a deeper reality with respect to candid painting, superficially called "naif' by ordinary divulgers  of mass culture.
But the many currents of naif painters have never completely experimented this charming wealth of the magic primitive. Roberto
Cassella is now approaching it, even if with the relationships which are always traceable for any artist. He is authenticaly spontaneous; he feels in a genuine way; he is effective in a genuine way; and the "traditional great arts"... are just a headache.
I mentioned possible relationships. Yes, I would find some relationships, because his works remind me of the great naif artists of the good Yugoslav time, before Serbian criminals took their lives, their dreams, their values (of art, of civic duty, of humanity and of everything wbich makes the human being civil) in their present-day massacres that barbarously have belonged to them for centuries. I am referring to Jozef Keimbo, shepherd and little peasant who draws on stylistic elements of Bogomili, - and even more - of Bogosav Zivkovic', collector of animal-vegetable intimacies in his speaking totems, and of the following Milan Stanislavljevic', dynamic, religious, intense: or - in a different ethnical field - the beautiful enigmatical figures of the miner Erich Boedeker.
With this last German sculptor we have enlarged our view. I can also mention the Haitian Georges Liautaud, the Nigerian Asiru Olatunde, and then the Dalmatian Petar Smajic' or - even more similar to Cassella - the Hungarian Szegeni Gabor, or the Polish Jedrsej Wawro, Leon Kudhla, Stanislaw Zagajewski, not to forget the astonishing Zygmund Skretowicz.
It is easy to realize (and that's why I took the liberty of giving a small list of nouns) that Roberto Cassella, with this art which is so sincere and therefore so complete, is not a sole voice, he is a soloist in the chorus of the outstanding, large, alwajs astonishing and often wery delightful candid sculpture.
We could say more, we could say that the primitivism is also the
starting point of the many Mediterranean confluences. We could say that close to Orneore Metelli, Ligabue, Corrado Spaziani, great masters of the candid Italian painting, it is not always easy to put a candid sculpture of so much importance. Welcome is therefore this sculptor. The rest, as I said before is just a headache.

Gabriele Mandel


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Pier Luigi Senna
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Folio Gallery

The sculptor Roberto Cassella

woman nude
bronze: only three exemplars
cm 30x20x16


knights in space
oil painting
cm 70x70

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